zhangtong_2006 >Especially focussed on the spectacular Shark "Breaching" behavoir, mainly seen in this area.

2010-05-05 14:25:04.

zhangtong_2006 >@meal UA SFO-JFK, F cabin, breakfast.

2010-05-02 07:41:51.

zhangtong_2006 >@NASA @USAF @X-37B Space Plane - The Orbital Test Vehicle: http://www.space.com/php/multimedia/...er.php?gid=396

2010-04-25 03:20:07.

zhangtong_2006 >@volcano_ash All 96 Polish crash victims identified.

2010-04-25 00:27:11.

zhangtong_2006 >@aviation-news World jet fuel prices decline due to volcano!

2010-04-21 03:03:06.