wangkaihehe >@trip_reports April, AKL-BNE, A340-500, Emirates Airline. Food good, entertainment choices amongst the best available.

2010-05-05 15:26:04.

wangkaihehe >It appears that Viet Nam Airlines is the primary carrier for flights within Viet Nam and from within to Bangkok or Vientiane.

2010-05-03 02:26:05.

wangkaihehe >@X-37B is not a weapon!

2010-04-23 22:46:43.

wangkaihehe >It was probably molested by Catholic Priests

2010-04-19 02:58:01.

wangkaihehe >@volcano_ash Who the heck named it Eyjafjallajokull?

2010-04-19 02:19:18.