mustwrite2me >@ALG The airport building in itself is fairly attractive and spacious.Stood in line for 40 minutes to get through immigration.

2016-04-21 09:00:17.

mustwrite2me >@Airbus delivers first A320neo to @Lufthansa

2016-01-26 00:52:06.

mustwrite2me >Had checked in online before so airport experience was very good.

2010-04-21 06:37:24.

mustwrite2me >@volcano_ash Earthquakes in diverse places, strange weather, the axis moving and now a volcano in Iceland

2010-04-19 03:15:01.

mustwrite2me >@volcano_ash This is a SOLID crisis from Iceland for European...not another liquidity crisis as some may say here!

2010-04-18 07:03:51.