kdjoey >@MJV The Airport is fine as it is small at the moment, so luggage is retrieved fairly quickly, and the car hire section is easy to find.

2016-04-21 09:02:35.

kdjoey >@ALB My friends once arrive less than half an hour before flight departed and still able to fly out. Overall a very good airport.

2016-04-20 17:25:43.

kdjoey >@AJA Nice little airport right next to the sea and beaches. There is not much you can expect during waiting time, it is only a regional airport.

2016-04-16 14:40:12.

kdjoey >@ABV The airport was cleaner than I expected. I think it's better than Lagos.

2016-04-07 16:55:53.

kdjoey >ackers steal 20 million Alibaba users' details http://www.reuters.com/video/2016/02...libaba-users-d

2016-02-05 04:42:34.

kdjoey >@Rayani Air begins KK-KL daily flights

2016-02-02 01:40:57.

kdjoey >China names and shames 5 tourists over bad behavior http://news.yahoo.com/china-names-sh...163449074.html

2015-12-21 03:13:45.

kdjoey >Hong Kong Airlines to launch flights to Kumamoto http://atwonline.com/finance-data/po...ine-activities

2015-11-03 13:43:18.

kdjoey >@volcano_ash Europe reopens as new cloud threatens.

2010-04-21 02:47:33.

kdjoey >Yesterday, Spirit Airlines announced that it would begin charging for carry-on luggage.

2010-04-18 06:57:09.