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kirekotoce >@aviation-news: In fuel efficiency race, Rolls unveils new engine variant for @B787

2012-07-11 05:57:37.

godpardonme >@aviation-news: AerCap, AerDragon to acquire five A330s for @Singapore_Airlines

2012-07-07 11:58:38.

GlasgowSheep >@aviation-news: ILFC, @Emirates ink sale/leaseback agreement for four B777

2012-07-07 11:55:38.

R_Lalchan >@aviation-news: @Airbus plans to build an @A320 Final Assembly Line (FAL) in Mobile, Ala., several media outlets have reported.

2012-07-01 02:48:35.

R_Lalchan >@aviation-news Iran and Egypt resume direct flights suspended in 1979

2010-10-04 15:00:55.

MikeSKS >@aviation-news Virgin shuts down computer check-in services

2010-10-03 12:11:19.

david_Garide >@aviation-news Ethiopian Airlines accepted as future Star Alliance member carrier

2010-10-01 09:00:53.

RalfTig >@aviation-news New director named at Tampa International Airport

2010-09-30 11:17:04.

S_Weiss >@aviation-news @British_Airways BA's Davies joins as first commercial director

2010-09-29 19:29:02.

RalfTig >@aviation-news Cathay signs code-share agreement with U.S. Alaska Airlines

2010-09-29 13:25:31.