United States

lucsdiz >@United_Airlines to help reunite separated immigrant families

2018-07-29 06:00:24.

xiaobai >@United_Airlines flight carrying hundreds of passengers sees tyres 'blow up' on landing

2017-11-29 02:33:47.

FabioCPU >@United_Airlines Adds Second Regional President to Leadership Bench, Deepening Commitment in CA

2017-11-09 14:57:36.

rhymery >@United_Airlines launches longest NON-stop flight out of the @US with the launch of its new Los Angeles-Singapore service on Sunday LAX-SIN

2017-11-05 05:02:13.

ukaszsum >@United_Airlines Indicated Lower in Premarket After Cockpit Security Leak Admission

2017-05-15 16:48:21.

ukaszsum >@United_Airlines Team Cleveland Wins 2017 William F. “Bill” O’Brien Award for Excellence in Aircraft Maintenance at AMC

2017-05-03 16:49:37.

Taiker >Donald @Trump less popular than @United_Airlines according to new poll

2017-04-21 18:10:25.

Tojiawj >@United_Airlines Says It Will Testify At Upcoming U.s. House Hearing On Airline Consumer Issues

2017-04-20 01:57:48.

rhymery >@United_Airlines Controversy: @Emirates, Royal Jordanian Troll Company After Passenger Forcibly Removed

2017-04-12 16:30:36.

Paul_Hadtie >@United_Airlines CEO sorry for 'horrific' passenger removal

2017-04-12 03:55:17.